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     Ever since age 4, singing became second nature to Steph. Born in New Jersey but living in Brazil at the time, she'd turn up the volume to the "Chiquititas" (her favorite music group), while singing along proudly and skipping around her parents' São Paulo apartment. She would also go to work with her mom and sing "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic to all of her favorite customers. Little did they know that this bilingual little girl would one day want to do this as more than just a hobby.


     At age 11, Steph was conviced by a friend to audition for the school play, Annie. She got the part she wanted (Molly) and the minute she made her debut on opening night, she fell in love with being on stage and decided that this truly was her calling in life. Soon after , she started taking acting, voice, and dance classes and continued to do shows at school as well as in community theatres.


     Even though she loved musical theatre, she couldn't let go of her pop-singing roots. At 15, she learned how to play guitar and started recording cover songs for YouTube, as well as writing her own music. She made her Itunes and Spotify debut in 2012, releasing 5 of her originals.

     Steph graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, getting a BFA in Drama. She studied at the New Studio on Broadway Musical Theatre department for 3 years, followed by a year at Stonestreet Studios for film and television training. 


Since then, she's worked with various regional children's theatre companies, filmed multiple short films & online projects, and has recorded various voiceover jobs, her favorites including national commercials and radio ads for and an 80s-workout-instructor themed navigation voice for Waze maps!

For the past few years, she has also been dubbing for the "Caillou" web series in Portuguese, and just re-signed for another season.

Steph's favorite gig of all was getting married to her best friend in July of 2018. She continues to live happily ever after in Hoboken with her husband and their rescue dog (@Buddy_thebest_boy on IG ;)

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